Thursday, July 30, 2015

Its Made Here in Ithaca ~ Featured Artisan Works

Are you looking to get into the next gallery exhibit or writing a grant? You put a lot of effort into creating unique, artisan crafts to provide for your customers, and the photographs of your products should match the quality of your hand worked originals. We know the right techniques to make your products a lasting impression. We used unobtrusive plexiglass stands to highlight the shape of these Kingsbury Pottery pieces and manipulated lighting to shadow the background. Our studio is located downtown near the Ithaca Commons, Jon Reis Photography will showcase your work with the best light so you'll have the advantage when applying for finer galleries and craft shows as well as advertise to your customers.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Helping Start-ups get Noticed

A key to starting up a new local business is strategically advertising your product to your clients. Professional photographs of your Tech Innovation can help increase your sales with photographs that feature a new product line's most compelling attributes. This photo illustrates a digital composite by staff photoshop expert Amy Porter, using the projected image photograph of the cartoon and the projector unit photographed seperately, to appear as working together. We can shoot on location to tell a story that depicts your business and merchandise together. Mezmeriz is growing ideas from R.E.V. and just another example of how Jon Reis Photography has helped develop a local start up's vision with creative and skilled photographs. If you can imagine it.. we can create it!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Up-Close and Personal at the 2015 Ithaca Festival

This year's Ithaca Festival parade was a huge success thanks to all the exuberantly dressed marchers and the numerous community members who cheered them on down Cayuga Street. This year we got an intimate view of the marchers through getting up close and personal with some of the performers. Every face tells a story, and the members of the Ithaca community certainly expressed their pride for Ithaca as well as their unique character at this year's festival. Anyone in attendance could feel the joy radiating from our community through the collection of happy faces supporting each other and enjoying togetherness during this annual celebration.

High School Senior Portrait Sessions and Packages

Celebrate your final year of high school by scheduling your senior portrait with Jon Reis Photography! Inside our downtown Ithaca Commons studio or outside at one of our many fun locations like this painted power box, we will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed to capture your unique personality. After the shoot, choose your favorite images to use in your yearbook, decorate your home, and give as gifts to friends and family. Basic and premium packages are available to suit your individual needs; both include retouching and emailing your selected portrait in the proper format to your school.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Making it in the Retail Market

Through our in-studio accommodations, Jon Reis Photography employs various techniques to highlight the beauty of Gio Marmora scarves. Studio lighting set up, model positioning, and color contrast all draw attention to the unique texture and brilliance of the product design. Professional retail photographs will improve the sales & promotion of your products on the web and open new doors to future design possibilities. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrating Together with Family

Summer is the perfect time to schedule your family portrait with Jon Reis Photography! With 30+ years of experience, we know how to create an image that reflects your family's essence and makes everyone look great. No matter the occasion, Jon Reis will provide you with a lasting memory of togetherness.
The A.D. White Garden is one of our many favorite locations, providing lush greenery and trees to use as a unifying background environment.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bold New Age Tech Innovation

With our studio located in Ithaca, NY, Jon Reis Photography is accustomed to meeting the needs of the growing innovative bio-tech community. Our studio is equipped to make your product stand out through use of lighting, positioning, attention to detail, and thoughtful hand placement as seen in this photograph for the Advion Chip Mate. We create professional studio lit photographs of your tech products  featuring its most detailed components with our macro lenses. Jon has worked in very controlled lab environments on location (sometimes even wearing a hazmatt suit) and can bring the studio lights and equipment anywhere!