Friday, March 25, 2011

Been there, done that, do it again.

I recently returned to Los Angles and decided to go back to the Walt Disney Concert Hall as a little photo field trip.  I wanted to see if the images I made two years ago looked any different to me today.  I was really surprised–the building offered me a totally new set of views.  I couldn't pinpoint the exact differences... maybe it was a different time of day, a different quality of light, or maybe I had matured in my vision.  Whatever the case may have been, my tendency to dismiss the "been there, done that" cliche was reinforced.  There's always an opportunity for a new photograph, no matter how familiar you are with a place or situation. 

Here are two photos from my trip.  I found some amazing lighting situations I've never seen before.  The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a playground for photographers interested in architecture; the lines of the building gave me so many opportunities for finding radically different images in this one building.  I really appreciate the architecture and hope to go back again in a few years to make even more different images!