Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Editorial Photographer at work in Ithaca, New York

Taking on an environmental portrait or location portrait is always a fun challenge.  You do not know what the person looks like or whether the location will be a help or a hinderance. In this portrait of Craig Street, who is a plasterer who mixes pigment into the plaster and is also a music producer , I needed to convey that he is a master of his trade.  On the phone I asked him to bring a tool and then upon arriving at the historic mansion in which he was working the light cooperated to give the editorial photo both design and texture. The editor of the magazine loved it.
I normally don't like dappled light coming through leaves of trees or hard shadows but in this case I broke my own rules and it worked. The old glass of the window caused the light to shimmer on the red pigmented plaster wall and the hanging light fixture adds interest.  The hat and shirt choice was his. Thanks Craig.